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  Upper Extremities  

The loss of any extremity through amputation or birth defect is a life altering event. Absence of all or part of the hand presents a distinctive set of challenges for any individual, however the use of prosthetic devices can significantly assist in recovering much of those lost abilities. The loss of an extremity involves more than just the physical loss but also physiological and emotional challenges as well.

Fittings may include the use of prosthetic devices with cutting edge technology such as the myo-electric i-Limb hand that operates off signals provided by remaining muscle groups or a more traditional harness system due to its effectiveness and simplicity. This type of control method is referred to as body powered and involves a strapping system to harness the motion of the remaining extremity to operate the prosthesis.

Your practitioner will take into account all factors that affect your prosthetic care. The successful implementation of any prosthetic care plan is much more than just the application of technology to your limb. The environment, level of amputation and family involvement will all be part of the equation.
Restoring body balance is of fundamental importance to some individuals. From the tip of your finger to above the shoulder there is a solution.