Sports Prosthetic

Sports ProstheticThere are several types of “sports” prostheses, both upper and lower extremity, which can be custom designed and fabricated to meet the needs of an adult’s specific activity or sport. In some cases, a different socket with different components is necessary to meet the requirements of the sport or specialty activity engaged in. These are much different compared to an “everyday” prosthesis. Modifications in socket design, components and suspension are essential to create a prosthesis that assists the elite athlete or weekend warrior.

  Lower Extremity  

Activities such as jogging or bicycling require different changes to the socket design, alignment, interface material, suspension and foot. In both cases, individuals may have different needs and communication between the user and prosthetist is essential.

Activities that require specific adaptation and/or modifications, such as rock climbing, sky diving and scuba diving require specialized feet, ankles and suspension mechanisms to facilitate these needs. Many devices need to meet the rigors that are beyond normal boundaries. Consideration for safety and durability must be addressed.

Many amputees enjoy golfing and strolling in the park. Modification changes can be made to allow for rotation and shock absorption to enhance their enjoyment. Prosthetic Feet that allow flexibility for uneven surfaces are also available. Most of the time these adapters can be incorporated into the user’s everyday prosthesis with little modification changes needed.

  Upper Extremity  

There are many devices which can be used for sports or for specific tasks, like eating. There are terminal devices that are used for cycling, motorcycle riding, golf, archery, fishing, kayaking, and swimming. Most terminal devices need to be custom fabricated to the specific needs of the user’s special activity.