Lower Extremity

  Below Knee  

Below the knee or Transtibial amputations are an area where great advancements in technology have taken place as well. Our options in suspension, rotation shock absorption, and energy return are limitless.

An additional area of excitement is a Micro-Processor ankle called the PROPRIO foot. The foot will automatically adjust itself to uneven terrain as you walk and you don’t have to think about it. Also, with the push of a button it will automatically adjust itself to a shoe’s heel height.

  Above Knee  

Prosthetic advances for above knee or Transfemoral amputees are continuing at an exciting pace. Pioneering designs in socket configuration, foot/ankle technology and microprocessor knee systems are becoming the standard of care that benefits the amputee population.

Continued advancements in Microprocessor knee systems are allowing amputees greater freedom and mobility then ever before. The C-LEG, Rheo, SLK (Self Learning Knee) and the Plie are examples of this technology. Now with the ability to walk safely down stairs and ramps, those amputees who have converted to this style of knee joint are benefiting from greater mobility than ever before.

  Hip Disarticulation  

In recent years there have been multiple technological advancements that have benefited this patient population. In the past, this prosthesis had a high rate of rejection due to the energy expenditure, limitations in function and the generally increased demand for the amputee physically.

Hip joints, microprocessor knees and light weight materials have significantly improved the effectiveness of individuals living a normal life. Advancements have been made in prosthetic hip designs such as the Helix hip design and the Litig hip design that promotes a smoother walking pattern. Using microprocessor knees to sense what the individual is doing has resulted in a safer, more functional prosthetic, which consumes less energy.


Of vital importance is the comfortable fit of the prosthetic socket. If the socket doesn’t fit correctly, all the latest bells and whistles won’t matter. We have developed and incorporated many advancements in materials and design allowing for the most comfortable fit ever, resulting in greater acceptance.


Improvements in Transtibial and Transfemoral amputee suspension has greatly improved. Variations of suction and vacuum assisted suspension are exciting for the individual to improve performance. Elevated vacuum systems such as the Harmony or Limb Logic are providing the prosthetic user the most secure levels of suspension ever. We will find what is appropriate for you.